Our Portfolio

Spark Renewables has a diversified portfolio of operating and development assets including a 100MW operational solar farm (Bomen Solar Farm) and a number of wind, solar, storage and green hydrogen development assets located in NSW and South Australia.


Bomen Solar Farm

Bomen Solar Farm is a ~120 MW DC solar farm project. A solar farm of this size is expected to produce enough power needed by the equivalent of 36,000 Australian homes. 
The operational lifetime of the solar farm is expected to be some 30 years.

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Mallee Wind Farm

Mallee Wind Farm is a renewable energy project in the Wentworth Shire with a generation capacity of up to 1 gigawatt proposed within the NSW South-West Renewable Energy Zone and would deliver electricity to the grid via EnergyConnect.

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Ceres Wind Farm

The Ceres Wind Farm is a 600MW community-initiated development on the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia. Recognising the opportunities of the local area’s wind resource, two farmers sought a partnership with a wind energy company.  


Matest Gully Solar Farm

Mates Gully Solar Farm

Mates Gully Solar Farm is a proposed solar farm development with a generation capacity of up to 160MW. A containerised battery energy storage system with a capacity of up to 100MW would be built with the solar farm.


Dinawan Energy Hub

Dinawan Energy Hub is a proposed hybrid wind, solar and battery storage project to be located in the heart of the South West Renewable Energy Zone in NSW. The combined output from multiple renewable energy technologies will enable reliable, clean power to be dispatched to the NSW electricity grid.