About the Project

The Mallee Wind Farm is a renewable energy project in the Wentworth Shire with a generation capacity of up to 1 gigawatt and featuring a containerised battery energy storage system.

The wind farm is proposed within the NSW South-West Renewable Energy Zone and would deliver clean electricity to the National Electricity Market via EnergyConnect, a proposed interconnector linking the NSW, South Australian and Victorian electricity transmission networks.

The wind farm has the potential to power over 450,000 Australian homes and offset the emission of up to two million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

Mallee Wind Farm



Why this site?

The proposed site has an excellent wind resource and the land where turbines are proposed is relatively flat and cleared.

Wind turbine

Wind farm

The wind farm would consist of wind turbine generators, typically spaced 500–1,000 metres apart, and connected via underground cables.



A containerised battery energy storage system would be built within the wind farm enabling electricity to be stored and then exported as needed.


Local sourcing

We are committed to engaging with local workers and suppliers of goods and services wherever possible and will set targets to measure our achievement of this.


Traditional Owners

Our focus is on engaging the Traditional Owners of the land and businesses to support the project construction and operation.


Benefit sharing

We are committed to supporting the local communities and businesses. A community fund will be established for the life of the project.


The proposed Mallee Wind Farm site is located approximately 16 kilometers to the north-east of Buronga in the Wentworth Shire and is within the NSW South-West Renewable Energy Zone.

Mallee Wind Farm indicative layout


The project is considered a State Significant Development and will require development consent under the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Act (EP&A Act).

The development application is to be accompanied by a detailed Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), which will include comprehensive assessments identifying the impacts of the project and how to best manage these impacts.

A detailed Social Impact Assessment (SIA) will be prepared as part of the EIS. The SIA will include a comprehensive community engagement program and be prepared following the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) Social Impact Assessment Guideline for State Significant Projects (2021).

The project may also require approval under the federal Environment Protection Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act).

Mallee Wind Farm


The project is in the early stages of development and must undergo a rigorous planning and assessment process, with extensive community consultation to be undertaken.


Staying informed

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  • One-on-one meetings and calls.
  • Provide feedback via surveys.


We encourage all stakeholders and community members to get involved in consultation prior to a formal development application being submitted to planning authorities.

Social Impact Assessment Survey

Fill in this survey to share your concerns and views on the proposed project.


Project News

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The drop-in session was held on Tuesday, 23 August at the Midway Centre near Buronga.
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Project Documents


Initial identification completed, consultation ongoing

Step 1

Project identification

Initial identification completed, consultation ongoing


Step 2

Community Consultation and Preliminary Studies



Step 3

Submission of Development Application and Environmental Impact Statement



Step 4

Development consent



Step 5

Financial investment decision



Step 6



2027 onwards

Step 7


2027 onwards

Work With Us

Register your details - employment & supplier opportunities

We will contact all businesses and individuals that have registered their details to discuss potential opportunities if the project is approved and proceeds to construction.


Keeping informed

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