Newsletter #3: Commencement of Construction

13 May 2019

Construction at Bomen Solar Farm is due to commence shortly and the principal contractor, Beon Energy Solutions, will be undertaking preparation works in the coming weeks. Site preparation will include the establishment of site amenities and laydown areas, construction of site entrances on Trahairs Road, vegetation removal, ripping for landscaping preparation and other activities such as fencing. Towards the end of June, earthworks and trenching activities will begin. The construction and commissioning programme is scheduled to take less than 12 months with commercial operations due to commence in Q2 2020. The timeline below gives more detail on the construction programme.

Contractor Enquiries

Beon Energy Solutions is in the process of procuring a range of goods and services for the construction of Bomen Solar Farm. If you are interested in opportunities during the construction phase, and haven’t already registered your details, please visit the project website to submit a contractor enquiry form.

Read the Bomen Solar Farm Update here (Newsletter #3, May 2019).