We work with local communities to understand how we can best support them. That is how we established a long-term partnership with Mt Austin High School in Wagga Wagga, NSW with a focus on improving the social, educational and employment outcomes of Mt Austin High School students.

Funding across 10 years:


The Bomen Solar Farm Community Fund, administered in partnership with Westpac, is providing $500,000 of funding over a 10-year period. The funding will provide long-term stable funding to two of Mt Austin High School's critical youth programs: the "Transition Program" and the "Girls@ the Centre" program, both of which are run by the school to support students' long-term social connection and well-being. Read the first announcement here.


Mt Austin High School

The Transition Program

The Transition Program is designed to give year-12 students at Mt Austin High School the skills and tools needed to successfully transition from school into the next stage of their lives with meaning and purpose.

On receiving the funding, Mt Austin High School Principal Michelle Waugh said:

"Graduating year-12 is an accomplishment and a significant achievement for students and families. It is the culmination of years of schooling. At Mt Austin High School, we want to ensure that each student has a known destination and is supported to achieve their aspirations beyond the school. With this funding and support, Mt Austin High School will be able to undertake intensive transition-planning based on individual needs."

Girls @ centre

The Girls @ the Centre

The Girls @ the Centre program focuses on providing a supportive environment to empower girls in years 7-12 to remain engaged with and stay in school, setting themselves up for success in their post-school lives. The program was developed by Mt Austin High School in partnership with the independent non-profit children's charity, The Smith Family, and has demonstrated success in delivering real rewards within the student community and beyond. In 2021, 52 girls were supported through the program. Four of the five year-12 graduating students went on to attend universities.