Mallee Wind Farm Scoping Report submitted

16 January 2023

Spark Renewables has reached a significant milestone for the proposed 1-gigawatt Mallee Wind Farm development, our second project in the formally declared NSW South-West Renewable Energy Zone, sitting at the opposite end of the Dinawan Energy Hub project.

The project is proposed to be within the formally declared NSW South-West Renewable Energy Zone (REZ). Sitting at the opposite end of the REZ to the proposed Dinawan Energy Hub (also being developed by Spark Renewables), Mallee Wind Farm would provide a unique opportunity to significantly strengthen and secure the transmission network within the REZ by leveraging the battery storage capabilities of each project.

The proposed Mallee Wind Farm project is located west of the NSW South-West Renewable Energy Zone

Spark Renewables has commissioned consultants to undertake a series of preliminary environmental assessments and prepare a Scoping Report for the wind farm. The Scoping Report outlines the proposed project in more detail and identifies important issues that will require further assessment, consultation or technical studies.

The Scoping Report was submitted to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) and is available via the following link: Mallee Wind Farm Scoping Report.

Next, the DPE will issue its requirements, known as Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARs), within 28 days of receiving the Scoping Report. The SEARs will need to be addressed in a comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) that will be prepared over this year.

The community will be consulted further during the EIS preparation and have the opportunity to make a formal submission when the EIS goes on public exhibition. Part of the EIS will be a Social Impact Assessment, a survey in which all community and stakeholders are invited to participate to provide feedback about their concerns and perspectives about the project. The Mallee Wind Farm Social Impact Assessment survey is available here.

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