$1m Bomen Solar Farm Community Fund


Spark Renewables is proud of the work we do to support the communities we become a part of. Our focus is to create lasting, positive change that supports the needs of each community.

Funding across four years:

Spark Renewables’ Bomen Solar Farm Community Fund, run in partnership with Westpac, has been working closely with Wagga Wagga City Council to provide long-term funding to the Council to support ongoing revegetation and greening programs across the city.

$250,000 in funding will support the revegetation of 58 hectares of local land with around 51,000 plants, all endemic species, including eucalyptus and acacias, across four years.

In addition to improving biodiversity and visual amenity, these native plants will also absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The area to be planted includes a significant parcel of land off East Bomen Road, which has been donated by the Council to the program.

In addition, a sum of $100,000 was allocated in grants to Eunony Valley landowners to support biodiversity and visual amenity projects on their land surrounding the Bomen Solar Farm.