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Information session

Information Session at the Mildura Field Days, 2023

1 May 2023

Mallee Wind Farm project is located ~23km from Mildura. Spark Renewables will be at the Mildura Field Days 2023, hosted at 53 Racecourse Road, Nichols Point, Victoria, on 19-20 May 2023.

Visit our information stall between 9am and 3pm to view the Scoping Report, project layout maps, and talk to our team about the Mallee Wind Farm project.

You can also download and view the documents via these links:

If you wish to set up a one-on-one meeting or call with Spark Renewables, please email or leave a voicemail at 1300 271 419.

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Mallee Wind Farm SEARs issued

SEARs for the proposed Mallee Wind Farm project issued

20 February 2023

Spark Renewables has received the NSW Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARs) for the proposed Mallee Wind Farm. The SEARs will guide the preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement as part of the development application process.

We are pleased to be progressing to the next stage of the comprehensive NSW planning approval process*, which will involve detailed studies and close consultation with the community and authorities.

Key studies that will be carried out include:

  • Investigations of biodiversity
  • Cultural heritage
  • Visual amenity
  • Noise and vibration
  • Hazards
  • Land
  • Social impacts

This is an important step that will help us better understand and refine our site and ultimately build a great project.

The detailed documentation of the project SEARs can be viewed and downloaded on the NSW Planning Portal on this page.

* Application reference number is SSD-53293710

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Mallee Wind Farm Scoping Report submitted

Mallee Wind Farm Scoping Report submitted

16 January 2023

Spark Renewables has reached a significant milestone for the proposed 1-gigawatt Mallee Wind Farm development, our second project in the formally declared NSW South-West Renewable Energy Zone, sitting at the opposite end of the Dinawan Energy Hub project.

The project is proposed to be within the formally declared NSW South-West Renewable Energy Zone (REZ). Sitting at the opposite end of the REZ to the proposed Dinawan Energy Hub (also being developed by Spark Renewables), Mallee Wind Farm would provide a unique opportunity to significantly strengthen and secure the transmission network within the REZ by leveraging the battery storage capabilities of each project.

The proposed Mallee Wind Farm project is located west of the NSW South-West Renewable Energy Zone

Spark Renewables has commissioned consultants to undertake a series of preliminary environmental assessments and prepare a Scoping Report for the wind farm. The Scoping Report outlines the proposed project in more detail and identifies important issues that will require further assessment, consultation or technical studies.

The Scoping Report was submitted to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) and is available via the following link: Mallee Wind Farm Scoping Report.

Next, the DPE will issue its requirements, known as Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARs), within 28 days of receiving the Scoping Report. The SEARs will need to be addressed in a comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) that will be prepared over this year.

The community will be consulted further during the EIS preparation and have the opportunity to make a formal submission when the EIS goes on public exhibition. Part of the EIS will be a Social Impact Assessment, a survey in which all community and stakeholders are invited to participate to provide feedback about their concerns and perspectives about the project. The Mallee Wind Farm Social Impact Assessment survey is available here.

If you have any questions or would like to set up a meeting, please contact us at or leave a message at 1300 271 419.

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Mallee Wind Farm: first community consultation

Mallee Wind Farm: first community consultation a success

24 August 2022

Spark Renewables has held its first community drop-in session for the proposed Mallee Wind Farm, announced in early August 2022.

The drop-in session was held on Tuesday, 23 August at the Midway Centre near Buronga.

The three-hour drop-in session was open for all community members to come by and meet with the Spark Renewables development team, read information posters about the proposed project, look at the investigation area on a map, and provide feedback on the proposal, both verbally and via a survey.

Julian Kasby, Senior Development Manager at Spark Renewables, said:

“It was fantastic to be in Buronga and meet so the local community.

“We were pleased to be able to hear the insights and questions from over 20 local community members who attended. We were also able to connect with local service providers and individuals who are interested in being a part of the project either through our planned local employment program, or through opportunities to provide goods and services during the construction and operational phases of the project,” Mr Kasby said.

Feedback on the proposed project was largely positive. Community members in attendance were most interested in understanding the size of the project, the technology that will power the proposed wind farm, and how Spark Renewables will mitigate some of the potential issues that may arise as part of the project, such as visual and noise amenity impacts, and impacts to native flora and fauna. The Spark Renewables team were also asked questions on decommissioning and site rehabilitation.

During the drop-in session and through the completed community surveys, helpful suggestions were made by the community on potential benefit-sharing opportunities, including:

  • Local sourcing of services, materials and labour;
  • Local community groups and clubs that would benefit from an annual community fund; and
  • Improved communications and road upgrades along Arumpo Road.

Materials displayed at the consultation session are available here:

Survey remains open for feedback via this link.

Mallee Wind Farm community consultation drop-in session, 23 August 2022
Over 20 people attended the drop-in session in Buronga
Community members provided feedback and suggestions verbally and via a survey


Julian Kasby
M: 0411 638 651

About Spark Renewables

Spark Renewables is a leading developer and long-term owner and operator of renewable energy generation assets. Our operational portfolio comprises the 100 MW Bomen Solar Farm near Wagga Wagga, contracted to Westpac and Flow Power, which commenced operations in 2020. Our large development portfolio includes wind, solar and storage projects in the National Electricity Market.

Spark Renewables is owned by the Spark Infrastructure Group – an owner of critical energy infrastructure, including generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure across Australia.

Spark Renewables is a member of the Clean Energy Council (CEC) and a signatory to the CEC’s Best Practice Charter for Renewable Energy Developments.

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Spark Renewables announces proposed Mallee Wind Farm and launches community consultation

Spark Renewables announces proposed Mallee Wind Farm and launches community consultation

11 August 2022

Leading renewable energy developer and operator, Spark Renewables, has announced plans to develop the Mallee Wind Farm in the South-West Renewable Energy Zone of New South Wales.

The proposed wind farm would be located approximately 16 kilometres to the north-east of Buronga in Wentworth Shire and would have a generation capacity of up to 1 gigawatt (GW), providing enough renewable electricity to power 450,000 Australian homes on average, over the course of a year*.

The proposed wind farm, which would also feature a containerised battery energy storage system, would offset up to 2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually**. The project would connect to the National Electricity Market via transmission infrastructure upgraded as part of Project EnergyConnect.

The project will be classified a State Significant Development and will undergo a rigorous planning and assessment process, with comprehensive stakeholder and community consultation required as part of this process.

The first community drop-in session will be held from 3pm-6pm on Tuesday, 23 August 2022 at the Midway Centre, 6 Midway Drive, Buronga. Community members will be able to talk to the Spark Renewables team to learn more about the project and provide initial feedback.

Anthony Marriner, Head of Spark Renewables, said: “We are excited to announce the Mallee Wind Farm project, which is expected to bring significant benefits to the local community and region in the form of jobs and investment, as well as funding for local community initiatives through a community fund that would be established for the life of the project.

“The proposed site for the Mallee Wind Farm has been chosen as it has a number of highly favourable factors, including a strong wind resource, good location within the South-West Renewable Energy Zone in New South Wales, and the very low density of housing within 10 kilometres,” said Marriner.

“Additionally, the proposed site features a flat terrain, meaning that complex earthworks would be avoided during construction, and the site can continue to be used for grazing and cropping purposes, with turbines taking up less than two percent of the proposed project site.” 

“Spark Renewables is committed to supporting the local communities we become a part of. Our track record of engaging authentically with, and delivering strong benefits to, the local community whilst minimising disruption, is important to us. This includes our commitment to engaging with First Nations community members and businesses throughout the project consultation, construction and operation phases. To help us keep delivering on these commitments, we strongly encourage local community members to participate in community consultation where they can, and to ask questions and provide feedback to our team,” said Marriner.

For more information, read the Mallee Wind Farm project community newsletter here. The Spark Renewables team can also be reached on 1300 271 419.

*based on household consumption of 6,700 kWh/year
**based on National Greenhouse Account Factors (DCCEEW, 2021)



Julian Kasby
M: 0411 638 651

Download the full media release here.

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