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Spark Renewables Participates in PV Industries’ Circular Solar Trial

Spark Renewables Participates in PV Industries’ Circular Solar Trial

20 April 2022

A project funded by the New South Wales Environment Protection Authority

Spark Renewables is proud to announce its participation in the Circular Solar Trial, conducted by a leading solar panel recycling and resource recovery company in Australia, PV Industries.

The project brings together a collaborative and industry-led approach to develop solar panel recycling and end-of-life solutions for the solar and lithium-ion battery economies.

This project has been funded under the NSW Environment Protection Authority’s (EPA) Circular Solar grants program. The EPA is supporting this project through its Circular Solar Grants Program with funding of $997,969.

Circular Solar Trial project outcomes

  • Develop a novel solar panel recycling process for use in NSW by PV Industries.
  • Establish a metro and regional collection and logistics network in partnership with local government and Greentech Sydney.
  • Activate end-markets for recovered solar panel glass in partnership with University of New South Wales’ School of Civil and Environmental Engineering and John Holland.
  • Enable future opportunities for solar panel reuse, in partnership with UNSW’s School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering.
  • Improved procedures for safe handling and transport of lithium-ion batteries, in partnership with Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation.
  • Assessment of the solar industry to identify solar panel recycling market challenges and opportunities, in partnership with University of Technology Sydney’s Institute for Sustainable Futures, NSW Circular, Maoneng and Spark Renewables.

The project, which commenced in early 2021, will improve safe handling and transport procedures, establish a collection and logistics network for urban and regional NSW, optimise solar panel recycling and processing techniques, develop new end-markets for recovered materials and enable future market opportunities for reuse.

Spark Renewables: Knowledge is power

Spark Renewables is excited to partner with PV Industries in its project to develop a resource recovery and recycling solution.

“There is a sense of rising community concern over what happens with solar modules after they are no longer useable on-site, and we are deeply committed to finding sustainable end-of-life solutions for these modules,” said Anthony Marriner, Head of Spark Renewables.

“Through its partnership with PV Industries, Spark Renewables will provide data from the Bomen Solar Farm to the UTS and will allow UNSW to use Bomen Solar Farm as a testing ground for its Solar Panel Triage Unit technology,” explained Mr Marriner.

“We look forward to the industry and the broader community reaping the benefits of this project, and ones like it, by increasing diversion of solar panel waste from landfill, stimulating economic activity, and promoting a safe and sustainable circular solar economy in NSW.”

“The EPA’s Circular Solar Grants program is directly focused on finding solutions to the emerging solar panel waste stream,” said Kristie Brown, Director of Circular Economy Programs, NSW EPA.

“It’s a program that supports the type of trials proposed by PV Industries – collaborative ‘whole of supply chain’ projects that provide innovative solutions to manage end-of-life solar panels and battery systems. It’s all part of building the circular economy of the future in NSW.”

Read the full media release by PV Industries and NSW EPA.

This program was made possible thanks to funding from the NSW EPA’s Circular Solar grants program.


Will Stone, Head of Development
M: +61 468 745 736

About Spark Renewables

Spark Renewables is a leading developer and long-term owner and operator of renewable energy generation assets. Our operational portfolio comprises the 100MW Bomen Solar Farm near Wagga Wagga which commenced operations in 2020. Our development portfolio includes wind, solar and storage projects in the National Electricity Market.

Spark Renewables is owned by the Spark Infrastructure Group – an owner of leading essential energy infrastructure, including generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure across Australia.

Spark Renewables is a member of the Clean Energy Council (CEC) and a signatory to the CEC’s Best Practice Charter for Renewable Energy Developments.

About PV Industries

PV Industries is leading solar panel recycling and resource recovery in Australia. They have facilities in Sydney and Melbourne while they continue to expand their collection and logistics network. They offer services for collection, logistics, recycling and resource recovery of solar panels and associated solar equipment. PV Industries is a member of the Australian Photovoltaic Institute. For more information on PV Industries:

About NSW EPA The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is the primary environmental regulator for New South Wales. They partner with business, government and the community to reduce pollution and waste, protect human health, and prevent degradation of the environment. For more information, visit

Download Media Release: Spark Renewables Participates in PV Industries’ Circular Solar Trial

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Bomen Solar Farm fully operational, opens to school visit

Bomen Solar Farm fully operational, opens to school visit

30 June 2021

Fully operational

Smoking ceremony at the Bomen Solar Farm

Construction of the Bomen Solar Farm was completed in mid 2020 and since then over 193,000 MWh of electricity has been generated (as at the end of May), more than enough to power all households in Wagga Wagga during the same period! The clean energy produced has also saved over 156,000 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions)*.

Construction was completed on budget and within the expected timeframe, despite the challenges created by COVID-19. This was due to the hard work and dedication by all involved, including Beon Energy Solutions (Bomen Solar Farm’s lead contractor) and the team of employees and subcontractors engaged to deliver the project.

Construction of the solar farm created many jobs in the community, with locals comprising 78% of the 157 employees in the mechanical team. Additionally, positive steps were taken to engage members of groups typically underrepresented in the industry, including First Nations people (39 employees) and women (11 employees).

Beon has been recognised for its consistent efforts in employment initiatives, having been shortlisted multiple times for community engagement awards for a range of innovative programs, including its “Women in Solar” pilot program which was run at Bomen Solar Farm.

This local and inclusive approach is demonstrative of the priority that Bomen Solar Farm has consistently placed on contributing meaningfully to the Wagga Wagga community.

* CO2 displaced is calculated using the National Greenhouse Accounts Factors.

Establishment of $1m community fund to be spent over the next 10 years

Bomen Solar Farm will continue to support the local community via a variety of initiatives. In conjunction with Westpac (who purchases around thirty percent of the electricity generated by the solar farm), Bomen Solar Farm has set up a $1 million Community Fund, with the funds to be deployed over the next decade to programmes that will deliver a diverse range of benefits within the community – assisting school students, promoting biodiversity and greening, contributing to the local fire brigade, and assisting with the living expenses of those living with a disability. Some of the initiatives are set out below:

Mount Austin High School – $500,000 over ten years

Mount Austin High School graduation

The most significant funding initiative from the Community Fund is the establishment of a long-term partnership with Mount Austin High School in Wagga Wagga, with funding of $500,000 being granted to support two important programs at the school over a ten-year period . The ‘Transition Program’ and the ‘Girls @ the Centre’ program, both run from the school, support students’ engagement with school. The ‘Girls @ the Centre’ program will receive $25,000 each year for 10 years.

This program provides a supportive environment for girls to address barriers to school attendance and to engage with their studies. The program was developed four years ago by Mount Austin High School, in partnership with The Smith Family, and has demonstrated success in delivering real rewards within the student community and beyond.

The ‘Transition Program’ will also receive $25,000 each year for 10 years, matched by funding from the school. This program, which will support 52 students this year, was developed by the Mount Austin High to give year 12 students the skills and tools needed to successfully transition from school into the next stage of their lives with meaning and purpose.

Wagga Wagga City Council – $350,000 over ten years

Bomen Solar Farm has finalised a $350,000, multi-year funding agreement with the Wagga Wagga City Council to promote biodiversity and revegetation in the local area. The funding has two components: $250,000 towards a Council-led planting program that will see revegetation of 58 hectares of local land with around 51,000 plants, all endemic species (including eucalypts and acacias). The area to be planted includes a significant parcel of land off East Bomen Road, which has been donated by Council to the program.

In addition, $100,000 has been granted to support a community-led planting program in the Eunony Valley. For this initiative, applications for funding will be called for, then assessed against selection criteria by a Grants Panel comprising members of the local community, Council and Bomen Solar Farm. It is intended that the projects to be supported with this funding will be selected before the end of the year.

Save The Date: Wagga Wagga City Council is holding its annual tree planting day on Sunday, 1 August to coincide with National Tree Day – Australia’s largest community tree-planting and nature care event. Everyone is welcome to attend and representatives from Bomen Solar Farm will be there with sleeves rolled up ready to get their hands dirty for the cause. Look out for Council’s publicity on the event. For more information visit the Wagga Wagga City Council website here. We hope to see you there!

Support for the Eunony Bushfire Brigade – $50,000

Spark Renewables team members with the Eunony Bushfire Brigade

The Bomen Solar Farm acknowledges the enormous contribution that local volunteer fire services make to the community. In support of this, we have committed $50,000 to the Eunony Bushfire Brigade, a brigade within the Riverina Zone of the NSW Rural Fire Service, under a funding agreement with Bomen Solar Farm.

$25,000 of this amount went towards an extension to the Brigade’s fire shed to accommodate an additional vehicle. The balance will be granted in $5,000 parcels each year for five years from 2022 and will cover operational expenses incurred by the Brigade.

Solar support for Abbeyfield Kooringal – $10,000

Abbeyfield’s Kooringal facility

Bomen Solar Farm granted $10,000 to Abbeyfield Australia to support the installation of solar panels at Abbeyfield’s Kooringal facility. The facility consists of six units providing secure and affordable housing for residents living with an intellectual disability, giving them the opportunity to live independently. Since installation, the six solar systems have generated more electricity than is consumed by the residents during the day. Earnings from excess daytime solar generation helps pay for night-time electricity use. Climate Rescue of Wagga (CROW) played a key coordination role for Abbeyfield Kooringal to deliver the project.

“This is a great initiative, that has received strong support from Spark Renewables, Westpac and CORENA, and will have long-standing benefits for a deserving local facility,” CROW Chair William Adlong said. Spark Renewables embraced the partnership with Abbeyfield Kooringal to showcase the benefit that solar power can bring to the community.

Bomen Solar Farm hosts its first school tour

Bomen Solar Farm recently hosted a group of 38 year 10 students from three local high schools as part of a Careers Exploration Day organised by the Association of Independent Schools. This tour was an opportunity to showcase the solar farm, giving students an understanding of how it generates electricity and of the variety of roles that exist in the renewable energy industry to deliver and support a solar farm through all stages of development – from inception through to the delivery of an operational project. Bomen Solar Farm values the opportunity to share knowledge with interested members of the community and plans to make the site available for further tours in the months ahead.

School tour at Bomen Solar Farm

Sheep trial on Bomen has commenced

Sheep trial brings the baa to Bomen

Sheep at Bomen Solar Farm

Bomen Solar Farm has committed to explore opportunities to use the solar farm land for agricultural purposes, so that the land can bring benefit in generating renewable energy while also supporting other land uses.

A sheep-grazing trial with a local livestock owner began in February 2021. This trial aims to support sustainable sheep grazing on site in the longer term. The trial began with 70 sheep and is progressing well.

In conducting this trial, Bomen Solar Farm hopes to replicate the success experienced at other solar farms in NSW where sheep grazing has created a win-win. The land is used to generate renewable energy as well as for agriculture, and the sheep grazing assists the solar farm with its ground cover management.

Glare study finalised

Bomen Solar Farm engaged SLR Consulting to conduct a study to assess potential reflective glare and glint arising from the solar PV panels within the solar farm. The study has helped identify operational modes that have the potential to cause reflections at neighbouring dwellings at different times of the day and year.

The results are being used to optimise the solar farm tracking system and manage power outages and maintenance procedures to ensure that any potential glare is avoided as far as possible. We appreciate the feedback from neighbours and their engagement in working with us on this matter. A comprehensive report with the conclusions of the study can be found here.

Please feel free to contact us at if you would like to discuss the report in more detail.

Download Newsletter #6, June 2021

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Bomen Solar Farm commits $500,000 to long-term partnership with Mount Austin High School in Wagga Wagga

Bomen Solar Farm commits $500,000 to long-term partnership with Mount Austin High School in Wagga Wagga

31 March 2021

Spark Infrastructure’s Bomen Solar Farm, in partnership with Westpac, is excited to have commenced a long-term partnership with Mount Austin High School in Wagga Wagga with grant funding of $500,000 to support two important programs at the school over a decade.

The ‘Transition Program’ and ‘Girls @ the Centre’ program, both run from the school, support students’ engagement with school, not only encouraging them to remain in and complete high school, but also equipping them with the skills they need to successfully embark on their chosen endeavours after finishing school. This year, all 44 final year students (boys and girls) are involved in the Transition Program and 60 girls from years 7-12 are participating in the ‘Girls @ the Centre’ program.

Supporting these programs forms a key part of the broader $1 million community funding program which Bomen Solar Farm has committed to over the next ten years (in partnership with Westpac). Located near Wagga Wagga in NSW, Bomen Solar Farm is committed to contributing positively to the community. Improving the social, educational and employment outcomes for students at Mount Austin High School was identified as a way in which the Bomen Solar Farm could bring significant benefit to the local community.

The ‘Girls @ the Centre’ program, which will receive a $25,000 annual donation from Bomen Solar Farm Community Fund each year for 10 years, supports female students to stay in school and complete Year 12, and provides opportunities to enhance students’ career options. The program was developed four years ago by Mount Austin High School, in partnership with The Smith Family. It has delivered real benefits within the student community, engaging girls with coaches and providing a supportive environment for girls to address barriers to school attendance and to engage with their studies.

The ‘Transition Program’ will benefit from a $25,000 annual donation from Bomen Solar Farm each year for 10 years. This Program was conceptualised by Mount Austin High School, which identified that the best way to assist students graduating was not by supporting one or two students to go to university, but rather by supporting as many students as possible to transition from school into the wider society.

The School found that for many of its students, making the transition into tertiary education or employment is not straightforward, and students benefitted from ongoing support. The donation by Bomen Solar Farm, which is matched by funds from the School, allows important resources to be devoted to helping students to achieve success in their post-school lives.

Principal of Mount Austin High School, Michelle Waugh, explained: “Graduating Year 12 is an accomplishment and is significant for students and families. It is the culmination of years of schooling. At MAHS we want to ensure that each student has a known destination and is supported to achieve beyond the school. The Transition Program will ensure that each student has a transition plan for after school and is supported to reach their goals beyond school. With this funding and support, MAHS will be able to undertake intensive transition planning based on individual need – for some students this may be guidance in the development of necessary documents for enrolment in University, for others it may be employment certificates and skills such as White Card training, for others still it may be support for licenses. Our first cohort to be part of the program are our HSC students 2021.”

Mayor of the City of Wagga Wagga, Councillor Greg Conkey OAM congratulated everyone involved in creating the two programs which support the education and transition into post-school life for young students.

“Navigating the period between leaving high school and entering wider society can be challenging, and Mount Austin High School’s Transition Program is a great way to help students stay connected and feel supported on that journey,” Cr Conkey said.

“Likewise, the ‘Girls @ the Centre’ program is a crucial step towards helping our community’s young women access the education they deserve and support them in preparing for successful and rewarding careers.”

Independent Member for Wagga Wagga, Dr Joe McGirr, has welcomed the announcement of the long-term partnership with Mount Austin High School.

“These two programs are providing significant opportunities for Mount Austin High School students and I thank Spark Infrastructure’s Bomen Solar Farm for making the commitment to being involved in these important programs,” Dr McGirr said.

Anthony Marriner, Head of Renewables at Spark Infrastructure said: “We are delighted to have finalised this donation to two very important programs at Mount Austin High School. We have one of the largest solar farm community funds in Australia and are pleased to be giving back to the local community.”

Download the full media release: Bomen Solar Farm commits $500,000 to long-term partnership with Mt Austin High School

Bomen Solar Farm commits $500,000 to long-term partnership with Mount Austin High School in Wagga Wagga Read More »

Newsletter #4: Construction update

Newsletter #4: Construction hours notice

1 August 2019

Trenching and piling have recently commenced at the Bomen Solar Farm and it is expected that the first installation of panels will begin on August 23.

From August 26, the first major influx of local employees will begin working on the solar farm. The workforce will continue to grow until the end of September when there will be approximately 200 workers onsite, the vast majority of whom will be local.

The NSW Department of Planning, Industry and the Environment recently granted an extension to construction hours on Saturdays to allow general works to be extended from 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. until November 16. This will not include piling.

Thank you to all those neighbours who supported this application. The boundary areas and some internal spaces have been sprayed and prepared for landscape planting. The planting of the 5,000 seedlings will commence on August 19.

Read the full newsletter here: Newsletter #4, August 2019

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Bomen Solar Farm: First of 310,000 solar panels installed during “golden row” ceremony

Bomen Solar Farm: First of 310,000 solar panels installed during “golden row” ceremony

23 August 2019

▪ ‘Golden Row’ ceremony marks commencement of installation of 310,000 bi-facial solar panels at Wagga Wagga’s Bomen Solar Farm
▪ Construction scheduled to complete in March 2020 with the Solar Farm expected to be fully operational by second quarter of 2020
▪ Bomen Solar Farm will generate enough energy to power the equivalent of 36,000 homes annually
▪ During construction up to 250 workers will be employed, the majority from Wagga Wagga and the region

Spark Infrastructure today celebrated the installation of the first of 310,000 bi-facial solar panels at a ‘Golden Row’ ceremony held at Wagga Wagga’s Bomen Solar Farm.

At the ceremony, Bomen’s owner Spark Infrastructure was joined in installing the first row of panels by Westpac and Flow Power (generation off-takers), Jinko (solar panel supplier) and Wagga Wagga City Council.

Engineering and Construction Contractor for the Farm, Beon Energy Solutions (Beon), will install 310,000 bi-facial panels which are designed to maximise the amount of energy captured and ultimately distributed to the grid by the Farm. Early works have already commenced at the Farm, however, the ‘Golden Row’ marks the beginning of full scale construction.

Spark Infrastructure Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Rick Francis, said: “Spark Infrastructure is delighted to be in Wagga Wagga with our key stakeholders in the project to celebrate the official launch of construction at Bomen Solar Farm.

“Spark Infrastructure and Beon are excited to be working with Westpac, Jinko and Flow Power, to deliver a major piece of renewable energy infrastructure to Wagga Wagga. We are proud to be working with the Wagga Wagga community to create jobs during and after the project’s construction. We are especially proud alongside Westpac to be supporting the local community through a $1 million community fund dedicated to providing local scholarships, youth and biodiversity programs across the region,” Mr Francis added.

Beon General Manger, Glen Thomson said: “Today’s installation is a major milestone for the Bomen Solar Farm development and the Wagga Wagga region. Construction will begin in earnest on Monday now that the first row of solar panels has been installed. And within a few weeks we will have a team of up to 250 on site, the majority of whom will be local. We are also pleased to be training a number of local apprentices during construction. This training will set them up to work in the growing solar sector across the Riverina and the nation,” Mr Thomson said.

Spark Infrastructure and Beon confirmed that the 120-megawatt capacity Farm will complete construction in March 2020 with Bomen expected to be fully operational by the second quarter of 2020.

Mr Francis said: “We are strongly supportive of the need to reduce carbon emissions and the drive towards more renewable energy, with Bomen Solar Farm being our flagship investment in renewables. When fully operational, Bomen will produce enough clean energy to power 36,000 homes per year.” Spark Infrastructure acquired the Farm in April 2019.

This significant project for the region is supported by its strong grid location and proximity to TransGrid’s Wagga North substation.

Read the full announcement: First panels installed during ‘golden row’ ceremony

Bomen Solar Farm: First of 310,000 solar panels installed during “golden row” ceremony Read More »

Bomen Solar Farm newsletter #3 – Commencement of Construction

Newsletter #3: Commencement of Construction

13 May 2019

Construction at Bomen Solar Farm is due to commence shortly and the principal contractor, Beon Energy Solutions, will be undertaking preparation works in the coming weeks. Site preparation will include the establishment of site amenities and laydown areas, construction of site entrances on Trahairs Road, vegetation removal, ripping for landscaping preparation and other activities such as fencing. Towards the end of June, earthworks and trenching activities will begin. The construction and commissioning programme is scheduled to take less than 12 months with commercial operations due to commence in Q2 2020. The timeline below gives more detail on the construction programme.

Contractor Enquiries

Beon Energy Solutions is in the process of procuring a range of goods and services for the construction of Bomen Solar Farm. If you are interested in opportunities during the construction phase, and haven’t already registered your details, please visit the project website to submit a contractor enquiry form.

Read the Bomen Solar Farm Update here (Newsletter #3, May 2019).

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Acquisition by Spark Infrastructure and the $1 million Community Fund

Acquisition by Spark Infrastructure and the $1 million Community Fund

13 April 2019

Key facts

  • Located on approximately 250 hectares of land within Bomen Industrial Estate.
  • Located 10km northeast of the CBD of Wagga Wagga.
  • Single axis tracking system to follow the sun and maximise generation.
  • Over 200GWh of electricity generated each year, or enough to power the equivalent of approximately 36,000 Australian homes.
  • Operational life of 30 years.
Bomen Solar Farm acquired by Spark Infrastructure

A significant milestone has been achieved at Bomen Solar Farm today with the project being acquired by Spark Infrastructure. Renew Estate has developed the project through various planning approval stages, and Spark Infrastructure is excited to be taking the project to the next stage of its process. We are proud to be delivering this project for the Wagga Wagga community and the region.

About Spark Infrastructure

We are a leader in essential service infrastructure and through our businesses, we deliver energy to more than 5.6 million customers across three states. With ownership interests in Victoria Power Networks, SA Power Networks, and TransGrid, we are helping transition Australia to a lower carbon future. We have worked closely with Renew Estate and we know how diligent they’ve been in keeping the community informed and up‑to-date with this project. We want to assure you we will continue this throughout construction and eventually through the commencement of commercial operations of the site

Beon Energy Solutions to construct Bomen

Bomen Solar Farm will be constructed by Beon Energy Solutions, an associate company of Spark Infrastructure. Beon (pronounced bee‑on) has experience in providing services on more than $3 billion of Australian electrical assets, including three of the first solar farms to be built in Australia. With early works having commenced on-site, construction is due to start in coming months. The site is expected to be fully operational in Q2 2020.

Our corporate partners – helping Australia transition to clean energy

In April 2019, Australia’s first bank – Westpac – announced that it had agreed to purchase just over a quarter of Bomen Solar Farm’s output for 10 years as part of its commitment to source the equivalent of 100 per cent of its global electricity consumption through renewable sources by 2025. This is in addition to Flow Power’s agreement in December 2018 to purchase part of the farm’s output, delivering low-cost solar power to its business customers for up to ten years. Flow Power is an electricity retailer transforming the way Australian businesses buy their electricity. Their customers include leading wine maker Australian Vintage and iconic snack food manufacturer Snack Brands.

One million dollar community fund

Westpac, in partnership with Spark Infrastructure, has committed to providing a $1 million community fund to benefit the community around Bomen Solar Farm over 10 years. This will be one of the largest community benefit packages associated with a solar farm in Australia. The community fund will provide support for STEM scholarships, local community projects, youth facilities and recreation programs, and local biodiversity and vegetation regeneration programs. Watch the website for more details about this exciting program in coming months.

Information Drop-in Session

A community information drop-in session will be held at Mercure Hotel, 1 Morgan Street, Wagga Wagga on Tuesday, 28 May 2019 from 5.30pm to 6.30pm. This will be to provide information to potential contractors and employees for the construction of Bomen Solar Farm. As the Principal Contractor, Beon will be procuring a wide range of goods and services for the construction of the project and the project team will be available at the session to talk through the procurement and employment process. Bomen Solar Farm is committed to utilising local talent to ensure that tangible benefits are provided to the local community. More information on the goods and services required and a contractor enquiry form can be found on our website

Download the Bomen Solar Farm Update here.

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Bomen Solar Farm Planning Approval Granted

Bomen Solar Farm Planning Approval Granted

5 October 2018

Australian renewable energy company Renew Estate has been granted planning approval to build Bomen Solar Farm, a 120 megawatt (MW) project near the Bomen Business Park, approximately 7km northeast of the Wagga Wagga Central Business District. The approved project includes a 40MWh battery storage system.

When built, Bomen Solar Farm will provide enough renewable energy to power the equivalent of approximately 36,000 homes with clean, green energy. The project will utilise tracking photovoltaic (PV) systems which will increase the energy generation at the start and end of each day when energy demand is high. Construction of the project is expected to commence shortly and the project is scheduled to be fully operational by Q4 2019.

Director Simon Currie stated: “All elements needed for development such as connection, procurement, offtake and financing are well advanced, and we will proceed with construction of this project shortly. We believe that the Bomen Solar Farm project will play an important role in the development and expansion of the Bomen Business Park.”

He added, “The recent announcement about the partnership between the Wagga Wagga City Council and Visy to build the Riverina Intermodal Freight and Logistics Hub is very exciting and we are committed to the continuing expansion of Bomen as an industrial hub for NSW.”

“A solar farm of this size plays a key role in both diversifying and strengthening the state’s energy mix. Equally importantly, and this is critical to Renew Estate, this project will deliver a range of enduring and tangible benefits to the local community.”

At its peak, a 120 MW solar farm requires about 200 workers on site.

Mr Currie stated: “We are committed to maximising the opportunities for local industry and service providers in the construction of this project, particularly given the skilled local labour force and strong industrial capabilities of the region. We are collaborating with TAFE Wagga Wagga and Charles Sturt University to discuss research roles, internships and scholarship opportunities.“

Mark Hogan, Managing Director of Wirsol Energy, a major shareholder of Renew Estate, said: “Wirsol Energy owns one of the largest portfolios of solar PV projects in Australia. We are passionate about delivering low-cost solar energy produced by this project to businesses both in the Bomen area and beyond. This is an exciting time for the solar industry in Australia and Bomen Solar Farm will assist Wirsol in reaching our target of 1GW of solar generation in Australia.”

Renew Estate is developing a portfolio of renewable energy projects across Australia. Bomen Solar Farm is the second project to be granted planning approval with the first being the 300 MW Rodds Bay Solar Farm near Gladstone in Queensland, which is one of the largest projects under development in Australia.

Download the full media release here.

Bomen Solar Farm Planning Approval Granted Read More »

EIS Exhibition of the Bomen Solar Farm

EIS Exhibition of the Bomen Solar Farm

24 April 2018

Australian solar farm developer Renew Estate has lodged a development application for its proposed 120 MW Bomen Solar Farm and will be holding a community information drop-in session on 7 May. The $164 million project will be located on industrial land in the heart of the Bomen Industrial Park, located approximately 7km from Wagga Wagga CBD, NSW. This precinct is home to many large-scale industrial energy users, including Australia’s largest canola oil processing plant, a battery recycling centre and the proposed Riverina Intermodal Freight and Logistics (RiFL) Hub.

The Bomen Solar Farm will generate enough renewable energy to power industrial users in and around Bomen and the production will be equivalent to the demand of Approximately 35,000 Australian homes. The project has been designed to be “future ready” and includes the provision of battery storage so that solar farm can enhance the reliability in the Wagga Wagga region. The development application for Bomen Solar Farm was lodged with the NSW Department of Planning and Environment and will be on public exhibition from 21 April to 21 May.

The application includes a full Environmental Impact Statement which is available online (see the NSW Major Projects Register or the project website and hard copies can be viewed at the City of Wagga Wagga council office.

Renew Estate will be presenting information on the project at their community information session which will be held at the North Wagga Hall from 5:00 to 7:30pm on Monday 7 May.

Renew Estate Director of Engagement and Culture Rosie King said that Renew Estate is committed to building upon the engagement done to date with the nearby residents, local community organisations and industrial neighbours. This next community drop-in information session will be a good opportunity for the wider community to find out more about the project.

“We will be presenting key information from our Environmental Impact Statement and there will be a number of Renew Estate staff on hand to answer any questions the community may have,” Ms. King said.

“We encourage any interested local businesses, contractors, service providers or potential employees to attend the session and find out more about the opportunities that will be available during the construction and operation of the solar farm.”

“We believe our project can contribute to the success of the Bomen Industrial Park. Renew Estate is committed to offering local businesses the opportunity to participate in the development of a new sustainable energy industry for the Riverina region” Ms. King said. The Bomen Solar Farm is one of a portfolio of solar farms being developed by Renew Estate. If approved, Bomen Solar Farm will start construction later this year and be operational by mid-2019. Further information on the project can be found at

Download the EIS Exhibition Press Release here

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